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Proper roof ventilation keeps air circulating in your attic, and just like your body, good circulation is a key to good health.

Give your roof the room it needs to breathe by ensuring that you have the proper amount of intake and exhaust venting for your roof. What’s the proper amount? There are actually some industry formulas that will show you the answer, but don’t worry. You don’t have to get up in your attic or get on your roof. Just call an Attic Attack Assessor and they’ll come to your Montana home to assess your roof’s ventilation.

A properly ventilated roof has air that comes into it from the bottom, usually through soffit vents. That air blows through the attic and exits the roof through vents at the top or the sides of the roof, depending on your home. That flow of air takes heat and moisture out of your roof and leaves it with room to breathe.

During warmer months, ventilation helps keep attics cool. It helps prevent hot, moist summer air from warping the roof sheathing. It also stops shingles from deteriorating prematurely. What’s more, fresh air in the attic makes a home much easier to cool, which can result in lower energy costs. In winter months, ventilation helps reduce moisture to keep attics dry. It stops water from backing up under shingles, damaging insulation, and rotting the roof structure itself. Over time, these consistent problems brought about by both the warm and cooler months add up and take a significant toll on your roof. Unfortunately, you’ll be looking at purchasing a new roof much sooner than you had anticipated.

The scariest fact of all is that 9 out of 10 homes in North America are NOT properly ventilated and experience early failure due to these problems

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