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If you need roofing repair or replacement, beware these dreaded situations that can turn your roofing experience into a nightmare:

1. The Drive-by Roofing: some roofing companies visit neighborhoods, often after storms, and quickly and carelessly slap a new roof on your home, not taking into consideration critical factors such as workmanship and dependable, long-lasting materials, not to mention a concern for compliance with manufacturer’s warranties, which can be void due to shoddy installation techniques.

2. The Long Engagement: some roofers will say they’ll be in and out … or up and down, but the work seems to drag on for days or worse, weeks, possibly waiting for materials or workers who are busy finishing someone else’s roof.

3. Your Home = the New City Dump: neat and tidy are not two words that are often associated with many roofing companies. In fact, some companies drive trucks up on your lawn, hurl shingles and debris down on your landscaping, and even leave fast-food wrappers in your gutters. At A&B Roofing Co., we treat your Montana home and property as if it were their own, leaving nothing behind but your roof and your complete satisfaction.

4. The Silent Treatment: some roofing contractors send a team of workers that descend upon your home like a swarm of bees, going right to work but not providing any interaction to assure you that the project is proceeding correctly.

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