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Selecting the right roofing contractor is critical. Don’t let your home improvement project become a major headache. Make sure you choose the right Missoula roofing contractor, whether you’re considering roof repair, replacement or even gutter cleaning.

At A&B ROOFING CO, we are dedicated to customer service before anything else. Our professional technicians along with our support staff will always be available to you during your roofing project.

Roof Repair Specialists

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We take pride in providing you with the highest quality roofing specialists and technicians in western Montana. Our roofing specialists, technicians, and staff take pride in A&B ROOFING CO and the job they do. After all, an A&B ROOFING CO employee is just that […]

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Roofing Services

Roofing in Missoula. MT

The effectiveness of your roof is fundamental to protecting your Montana home and its contents from the elements. The investment you make in roofing needs to be the right one, whether for a new build or the replacement or repair of an existing roof […]

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At A&B ROOFING CO, we offer the best in warranties and guarantees for any roofing system you choose with our company. In the unlikely event that we can’t make you happy, we will remove your roof and refund 100% of your money. Our roofing specialists are 100% dedicated to making not only the experience of service gratifying, but also the roofing systems we install and maintain for your Montana home.


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    In many places around the country, local laws and home loan lenders alike require that the roof of a home have a certified roof inspection before the home can be sold. This is especially important in areas of the country that regularly experience adverse weather like hail and heavy snowfall. By having the roof inspected,...

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